Relaxing in Rehoboth

quiet time

Friends invited us to join them at their beach house in Rehoboth, DE.


It was a wonderful little cottage directly on the Chesapeake Bay. In fact, you couldn’t even see the small strip of grass between the house and the Bay through the windows.

brea at water

It felt just like being on a houseboat, without all the swaying.

brad tree

There was a wonderful climbing tree,

brooke in tree

walking paths

counting steps

and, of course, water for swimming,

brad boogie board


brooke swimming

brian swimming

and fishing.

brea net fishing

Most of all, we enjoyed

boys deck

hanging out together

brea and mom

boys on water

and with good friends,


doing fun things,


and exploring

jungle gym

God’s creation

crab claw

with absolutely

brad snuggling brea

no agenda

brad water watching

at all.

brad and antonio

Thank you,

antonio holding brea

dear friends.

phyliss and deb

We had a fantastic time!

goofy group shot

2 responses to “Relaxing in Rehoboth

  1. I love Rehoboth it is so much more relaxed then Ocean City more family friendly I think. Looks like you all had a great time. You guys go on some awesome adventures.

    Are you up for a playdate at Mariner Point soon?

  2. Hi Deb!

    Just popped over to catch up, and found out you were just around the corner from me! We’re about half an hour from Rehoboth, near Bethany!

    Kim 🙂

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