Capitalizing on the Capitol

Our whole lives we’ve lived just over an hour from Washington, DC.


We took our first family trip there to celebrate my birthday. We metro-ed in from the New Carrollton station. I think the kids like the Metro best of all.

wash mon brooke

As soon as we made it up to ground level, we bumped into the Washington Monument and took the traditional silly photos.

wash mon all four

wash mon looking up

Of course, we had to take a photo by this big, ancient tree.

ancient tree

We made our way down along the reflecting pool


to the Lincoln Memorial.

family lincoln mem

After a picnic  lunch, we took a beautiful walk back along the reflecting pool,

walking along reflecting  pool

to the war memorials.

ww2 mon

ww2 2

We happened upon a special processional to celebrate the 200th birthday of President Abraham Lincoln and the rededication of the Lincoln Memorial.


We made our way across the ellipse, after stopping at a fountain to cool down a bit,

ellipse fountain

and finally on to the majestic White House.

kids at white house

We lingered.

We eventually made to the National Museum of American History.

Here’s Breanna rearranging magnetized kitchen utensils to run a ping pong ball through.

ah 2

Brooke riding in a canoe.

american history

And Chuck windsurfing.

ah 3

Here’s Brooke measuring herself in nanometers.

lab nano

And Brad extracting DNA from slippery elm.

lab dna 2

We stopped for an ice cream before heading to a small garden that contained an amazing tree with thorns, the Prickly Ash.

prickly ash

We stole into the National Sculpture Garden for a  little mind-bending art

sculpture garden

and a short dip in the fountain.

feet dip

feet dip 2

Our tootsies cooled, we checked out the National Air and Space Museum.

air and space 1

We were too pooped to walk all the way to the Capitol, so we took photos from afar. It’s right behind me and Chuck, but seems to have been cropped out.

couple in front of capitol

We hoofed it back to a Metro station three stories underground

metro home 1

to make our way back home.

metro home 2

metro home 3

metro home 4

On the way home, Brooke asked us if we could repeat any day in our lives over again, which day would we choose? Her answer…today.

repeat any day

4 responses to “Capitalizing on the Capitol

  1. in that last shot – i love the kids in the background sound asleep 🙂 – the clue that it was a really great day! thanks for the step-by-step of your day – almost makes me feel like i was there!

  2. what a great birthday outing!!! we have enjoyed exploring DC when we visit with my sister and her family. I have not made it to some of those places yet…maybe next time. I love the picture at the end with your son passed out in the backseat

  3. D.C. is amazing I have not taken the kids yet but we are thinking in the fall- after the tourist crowd and heat and before fieldtrips start.

    The metro is funwe usually take it from Greenspring.

    Looks like you had a wonderful birthday,

  4. I used to live in Alexandria and put off doing the touristy things in DC! Good for you for just doing it! Happy Birthday 🙂

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