Beyond Blessings


This week has been difficult because of all the driving and constant commotion of getting two kids to camp and keeping two entertained at home without air conditioning.

One friend invited us to her home for a wonderful lunch and swimming, and then showed up with dinner at my house later that night.

One friend brought me a stash, including a yummy chilled lemon liquer, my favorite tangerine-lavender scented candle, homemade chocolate chip cookies and Oreos, a stash of great current magazines, and stayed for a while to refresh me with real adult conversation.

Last night, after harvesting herbs from my garden, I boiled up a yummy foot soak, added tons of ice and treated my tootsies to a cooling mini-pedicure.

God knows what I need even before I know. He is so good to provide us with not only our needs, but also our desires at times. Lord, thank You for refreshing me through Your people yesterday. Let me be such a blessing to another who needs refreshment.

One response to “Beyond Blessings

  1. sound swonderful . Our upstairs airconditioner is not working too well either, we have a otn of fans all over ot keep th eair moving and hubby bless his heart went and got us a window unit so we can be cooler tonight. Its beign hot at night that drives me crazy.

    You all are welcome to come swim over here one day next week if you like. How is Thursday looking for you .

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