Sabbath Sweetness: Lemony Days

A blogging friend and I were relaxing by my pool, listening to the kiddies have all sorts of fun, wondering how it is other bloggers have time to do it “all.” By all, I mean crafting, field trips, cooking, entertaining, decorating, teaching, and the list goes on.

I have to admit I got a little covetous. So, I ran upstairs to make a quick snack. Simple lemon sticks from my childhood. They just took a quick second. While I was up there, I grabbed my camera and took a 3 second shot.

lemon sticks

[Is your mouth watering yet?]

While we were slurping and taking in the sun, I snapped this shot of the kids having a blast.

lemon swimming

That’s when it hit me. It’s not that the other bloggers are doing more than I am (though in all reality that shouldn’t even be a consideration); it’s that they are master documenters.

Be darned all the batteries I use to take shots of silly things. One day we will look back these fun,silly photos and feel again all the goodness of these times.

6 responses to “Sabbath Sweetness: Lemony Days

  1. That is exactly it. Too often lately I have been busy doing and forgetting to take photos along the way. Then I forget to take the time to upload them and post them. :)I have a camera full right now that you just reminded me to upload. 🙂

    Oh, and beautiful photos!

  2. I carry my camera in my pocket everywhere we go and try to take phots of most of what we do, not all of it makes my blog either. some I hold onto for days when nothing is going on- which is often-. We also celebrate all the small and simple things in life, like lemon sticks:-)
    Which I love.
    Those look really good btw, where did you find the big peppermint sticks we looked for them last year all over the place and could not find them and just plan candy canes just don;t do it.

  3. I can’t figure how you would eat something like that. Maybe you could show me some day:-)

  4. ok–do you DRINK the lemon juice from the peppermint stick?! It doesn’t sound good, but it must be! Such a good point about documenting–you are right! And I find if I’m busy fiddling with my camera, I miss being truly present in the moment. (I can’t do both!)

  5. You use the soft peppermint sticks, which are very porous. And you use a butter knife to break up the lemon’s juices a bit before sticking in the peppermint. (You can find the soft peppermint sticks at Cracker Barrel or the old-fashioned candy section of your grocery store.)

    You suck the lemon juice through the stick. It does end up crumbling and it all mashes together and you just suck the lemon. But that’s part of the fun! They’re amazingly refreshing.

  6. Love it, Deb!

    And I think it’s all about perspective sometimes, because every.single.time I read your blog, I fall completely in love with your family and all the things that you do, the way you document their lives, and I can only pray I’m a fraction as much fun as you are with your kids :o)

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