Mary Mary Quite Contrary…

This week we found a few surprises in our garden.

picking cherry tomato

I’m not sure what happened to the other 8 cherry tomatoes that were growing, but we popped 4 of them into hungry little mouths.

green bean

We harvested a half dozen green beans. I love how fuzzy they feel when you eat them right off the bush.


What I’m guessing is plants get longer at the ends, not from the roots. Otherwise, you couldn’t just curl them up a trellis. The things I’m learning that I never even thought needed learned.


Personally, I’m most excited about the sunflowers. Not just because my ministry is the Sonflower Sisters, but also because I only recently learned they turn their faces toward the sun. Amazing–I can’t wait to witness it first-hand.

snap pea

I’m so glad we chose these sweet peas. Earlier this week we bought a basket of the larger kind you shell, and they tasted like canned peas. Blech! My mother used to pay me a nickel to eat them when I was a child.

shelling peas

I don’t know what will happen with this garden experiment. My peppers are a little sad and my cucumbers are still pretty yellow flowers. But it’s a learning experience, right?

Here’s one more little tip I learned: strawberries grown in pots don’t taste nearly as sweet as ones grown in the ground. Hmm…maybe I should plant mine in a special little patch?


5 responses to “Mary Mary Quite Contrary…

  1. You are doing much better than we ever have. 🙂

  2. give those strawberries some dirt :). did you know i live in the strawberry capital of the world? i love them! we have some excellent strawberry farms nearby – good eats!

  3. Wow, your tomatoes and beans are already ripe? I’m jealous!

    This looks great, especially for a first time garden. I love your large trellis. My hubby is hopefully going to make me one for my pumpkins this week.

    Just stopped by from Mrs.Darlings garden tour..:)

  4. we had our first tomatoes a week ago and ate them up straight out of the garden:-) our squash are growing pretty great too, may be making and freexing several loaves of zucchinni bread-yum-.

    We do pick your own up at Hubers alot to for stuff we cannot or do not grow, and freeze it . The peas loko good, did you get them there? If you eat them on a fresh salad or steamed with some small onions and a touch of garlic they won;t have that canned taste.

  5. your garden looks so beautiful….it is so exciting to have things grow that you can eat right from your own backyard.

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