Seven-Year Itch

deb's feet

We’ve lived in our lovely home on the river for seven long years, yet this is the first summer I’ve let the kids actually swim in the murky brown water.

brea catching brooke

Dont’ feel too badly for them–we have a swimming pool in our yard. Besides, not everyone wanted to get into the river anyway. Some were satisfied with just “fishing” and snapping photos.

three swimming

But three of us were river rats, swimming in and out of piers and between boats, loving the feel of the warm water between their toes.

belly bump

Umm…and doing the “belly bump” in lifevests. TeeHee!

They learned a few things…

tasting river water

like don’t open your mouth underwater, and don’t swim between boats and the pier (yes, that scream-heard-round-the-world was me).

They also learned…


how to kick back,


and how to enjoy adventures together. These are the moments I live for.


5 responses to “Seven-Year Itch

  1. I thought you were going to say that after 7 years of living lake side you’ve decided to move. Instantly I started mourning the beautiful view from your windows! So relieved you’re staying and playing!

  2. this is awesome and looks like a lot of fun! i love your pink boat shoes 🙂 and that ‘scream’ comment explains the noise i heard :O)

  3. we live on the same river just on the other side in Chase. And I can’t keep my kids out of the river, – we have a pool too- we have found clams and all kinds of things in the water.
    We love the river and I am sure you all will too.have you thrown any crablines over yet?

  4. YAH! My kids are thrilled for your kids. And hey, Rach and I may be traveling through tomorrow though at this moment I have no idea when. Traveling back on Monday but with rental car so will need to be back here by 6pm. If you all are around I wouldn’t mind stoppping by and saying hi.

  5. i love these pictures!!! The kids look like they are having so much fun. Brave mommy for letting them in the murky deep

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