Sonflower Sisters: Trust

Last month our Sonflower Sisters group took us on a journey of trust.

watching vulture

We had to trust Ms. Melanie wouldn’t let the big vulture out of the cage, first. TeeHee.


We practiced trusting one another on hikes through the woods. Yes, the girls did blindfold and lead me. And no, I didn’t peek!

blindfold game

We trusted the rain wouldn’t ruin our swimming session.

pool and bay

And, biggest of all, Breanna trusted me that swimming in big pools is fun. What a breakthrough!

brea swimming

I love when we learn new things from our Sisters.


2 responses to “Sonflower Sisters: Trust

  1. That pool smile is GIGANTIC!!! Too cute.

  2. i recently let my husband lead me around with my eyes closed(a little different because i had just had my eyes dilated)…and it was definitely a good lesson in trust. i need to learn to trust more

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