Happy Birthday, Brooke!

My oldest turned NINE Sunday. Wow!! She requested to start the day with breakfast in bed. Each child chooses a box of sugar-cereal to share on his or her birthday. She chose Fruity Pebbles. Yummo!

breakfast in bed

Instead of having dinner out, which is our birthday custom, she asked if we could visit the Maryland Science Center. WooHoo! (I was secretly hoping she’d choose the Cheesecake Factory for dinner while we were down there.)

We started out in the dinosaur exhibit, which contained a huge mold of Brooke’s favorite dinosuar, the Triceratops.


After digging for fossils


and putting together bones to form a dinosaur,

assembling dino

we were off to the lobby for some fun with the laser harp

laser harp

and the pulley seats. It took us a little while to figure out the seats using more pulleys were easier to lift.

pulley chair

We visited our favorite section on the 3rd floor and played with all the kids’ toys.

water table

brooke impression

We finally made it to the 2nd floor for the first time ever. I was so glad we took the time to stop there. We saw a great show in the planetarium and got to explore space.

space family

space play

At this second floor exhibit, I was delighted to line up my stair-step children for a gratuitous shot. They are now officially 3, 5, 7, and 9 for a few months. What fun!

line up

They asked me to close my eyes and led me to the “best dinner ever,” a giant blue crab. You can tell we’re from Bawlmer, Hon.

blue crab

We spent some time taking in the sights of the Harbor, and walking around to the National Aquarium in Baltimore. What fun we had together on Brooke’s special day.

overlooking harbor

Thanks, Brooke, for celebrating with us in such a fun way. You are a fantastic daughter.


3 responses to “Happy Birthday, Brooke!

  1. Thank you for bringing your family to the Maryland Science Center, it looks like you had a great day.

    I really like the pictures, too.

    May we share a link to your blog with Maryland Science Center fans of our Twitter and Facebook pages?

    Maryland Science Center

  2. Thanks mom, i had a fun Time To!

  3. i love the pictures…Happy Birthday….our boys must be peas in a pod. My mitch has that same NASA space suit. He loves it and wears it often.

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