Upward Basketball

Brooke and Brad are participating in Upward Basketball this summer. It’s a recreational, God-focused league that focuses on teaching skills and team-building. The kids just love it!

After they’ve warmed up,

warming up

they start every game in prayer.


Each player is coached to guard “his man.” Brad’s the one with his hands up.

brad blocking

upward brooke shooting

After each game, they huddle with their coach and receive iron-on stars for Best Player, Best Sportsmanship, Best Christ-likesmanship, etc.

taking a water break with coach

It’s been a great introduction to basketball, and the kids love playing with old and new friends.

Chuck has enjoyed leading devotions with the kids.

upward chuck devotional

Brad’s Team

upward brad team

Brooke’s Team

upward brooke team


3 responses to “Upward Basketball

  1. Upwards is a great program! we offer basketball and football at our church through Upwards, i think we are in our 3rd year. there’s been several salvations – both among the children and among the parents. it’s really awesome! i’m glad your kids are involved in the program :O)

  2. I think they might have that program at our church too! The most “Christ-like” sportsmanship award it very sweet too! Glad to hear that your kids enjoyed it!

  3. oneordinaryday

    My kids finished Upward basketball camp and we all loved it. Our church hosted it, but most of the kids who participated were from the community, which was wonderful.
    What a great program ~ and a really good intro. to the sport, along with a great message.

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