How Could I Miss Father’s Day?!

I was searching through old photos when I realized I never posted about Father’s Day.

Dad started his special day with the high-fat, high cholesterol, once-a-year breakfast in bed.

breakfast in bed

Then we whisked him away to see  Night at the Museum: Battle at the Smithsonian Imax version. Awesome!


We moseyed around The Avenue in the gorgeous weather,


popping in the dog store

doggie store

to get a treat a treat for the fifth child we left at home.

loving his dog

When he’d thoroughly enjoyed his cup of Joe from Starbucks, we surprised him with a trip to Ridemakerz, where he made his own remote control car


so he can race the kids.

kids and carz

After a yummy grilled dinner, we all swam out back.

chuck throwing brooke

brea brad in spa

What a grand time for a great father. Happy Father’s Day, Chuck! Our childre are the most blessed in the world.


You can see it on their faces.

One response to “How Could I Miss Father’s Day?!

  1. what a wonderful and blessed day!

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