I’ve been using camp time for the older children as an opportunity to do some pre-school things with Brian and Brea.

We visited Storyville at Rosedale Library, a learning parent-child play place for children under age 6.  The aim is to prepare the children for school, which is a little funny for our family considering we took break from schooling to play there.

We started out playing House. Brian makes a smashing Daddy.

playing house

We found the fun photo op in the Living Room. They’re so goofy!

photo op

Brian particularly liked the workshop where he could build a blueprint

magnet board

and a rain spout.


A playdate isn’t complete without a little dressing up.


airliine pilot

Our favorite part of the place was the grocery store. Even *I* enjoyed shopping there. It was pretty inexpensive, too.


Brian took a shot at delivering mail

sorting mail

and delivering laughs at the puppet theater.

puppet theater

I think I’ll take Breanna again when the older three are at camp next week. She’ll find plenty to get into.


3 responses to “Storyville

  1. love storyville, alot, they are going to lower the age soon to 4 and under we where told. not sure why. The grocery store is great my boys liked th play kitchen alot too.

  2. That is SO FUN! I WANT TO GO THERE!!!!!

  3. looks like they had tons of fun.

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