Doll Bed Makeover

Brooke bought a set of bunkbeds for her Liberty doll. I didn’t take a “before” shot, but they were uncushioned, covered in a red calico print.


Brooke added a 2″ thick foam cushion and used a pillowcase to re-cover them.


Aren’t they just adorable? You can see how we just wrapped them like Christmas gifts on the ends. We could have taken a little more effort to match up the stripes on the ends, but I wanted Brooke to be able to do this by herself without getting frustrated. 

She wanted to add pillows, but we didn’t have any pillow forms. So we made them ourselves out of felt and leftover toulle. She liked the crisp white look so much, she didn’t even want to make a pillowcase for them.


I’m so proud of how she’s learning to create beautiful things herself.

3 responses to “Doll Bed Makeover

  1. I had those same bunk beds when I was a kid! Actually, I think they were my older sisters, so she has them now, but I LOVED my doll bunk beds!

  2. Amy, they are old. I was a little worried about lead paint, but another coat of spray will help keep that in. And maybe a lacquer over it.

  3. these look great! brooke did an awesome job 🙂

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