One Month Ago

…Brooke celebrated her ninth birthday with a handful of her favorite friends.

bday group shot

They swam and urged passing cars to honk at them all afternoon, cheeky little things.

bday fence shot

They feasted on Doritos and rainbow cake, too.

bday candles shot

A few of the girls stayed on for a night at the baseball stadium. I forgot my camera–bummer! Then they talked me into night swimming. Well, into letting THEM swim at night. It was too chilly for me!

bday night swimming shot

After they dried off and zipped up in their sleeping bags, they stayed up til 3am. Can you imagine? And they still had energy to paint their fingers and toes in the morning. Remarkable!

bday nails shot

I barely had it in me to change in order to be decent when the fathers came to pick them up. What a difference 28 years makes!

Happy birthday, sweet girl! And may you be younger than me in 28 years.


One response to “One Month Ago

  1. looks like a fun time:-) the cake looks yummy. We night swim a lot over here it is a lot of fun, and yes the thing about sleepovers is no one actually sleeps:-)

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