Mary, Mary, Not Quite So Contrary

If you’ve been following my garden this summer, you’ll know it’s our first try and we had high hopes. This is what our garden looks like now:


Tomatoes (see some stevia foreground center)

pineapple sage

Pineapple Sage (MmmMmmMmm)

cucumbers and pumpkins

Cucumbers and Pumpkins


teddy bear sunflower

small sunflower

sunset sunflower

What a blessing this summer garden has been. If you look hard, you can even find some dirt under my fingernails. ~gasp~

My favorite part of gardening is harvesting the bounty.

vase of flowers


3 responses to “Mary, Mary, Not Quite So Contrary

  1. I was just here earlier today and now you’ve got about six new posts???? You’ve been busy!

  2. gorgeous flowers!

  3. Great garden, Deb. Love the sunflowers!

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