Jedi Training

Recently, my children attended a Jedi Training birthday party for friends.

Master Yoda (aka Mr. Frank trying not to laugh out loud) provided messages for the trainees at every station.

brooke water training

It was a hot day, so they really enjoyed the water training.

brea slip and slide

As they made their way successfully through the course,

brian balance beam

they grew closer and closer to

brad on swing

becoming true Jedi Knights.

brad new jedi

Jedi Knights must defeat their evil adversaries.

brad challenging storm trooper

When they are finished, they play as hard as they fought.

brian sliding jedi

I love my little Jedi Knights.

brian star wars tattoo


4 responses to “Jedi Training

  1. thst is one cool birthday party. Love the storm trooper. very fun.

  2. this looks like so much fun…i love the picture with the bal lin mid air…it looks like a planet behind him…or is that what it was supposed to be…maybe i should take a closer look

  3. what a cool party! it looks like a lot of fun! who knew jedi training could be this entertaining :O)

  4. such fun! You are great at enjoying your kids and having fun with them! =)

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