Home School Happenings: Animal Classification

Did you know there are about a gazillion ways to classify animals? Maybe you’re stuck in the old rut of mammal, reptile or bird; but we’re free enough around here to group them by color, size, sleeping and eating habits, location, and a myriad of other ways.


We even added the categories PomPon


and Pipe Cleaner to our repertoire.


When the children were set to deliver oral reports about an animal of their choice, they set up quite a display.

Brooke on Gorillas


Brad on Tyrannosaurus Rex


Brian on Chimpanzees


(oops, I need to fold the laundry before I take photos!)

I like when we’re able to see things from a fresh perspective.


3 responses to “Home School Happenings: Animal Classification

  1. Fun! {so *that’s* where all the library books on dinosaurs and gorillas disappeared to! ;-)}

  2. we always like pipe cleaners and pom poms here, too! the children’s displays look fun and informative!

  3. my kids love animals and would love this unit, I was tinkering with doing it this year. We have already gotten stuff to do the farm and weather perhaps this would be our winter unit. Looks fun love the displays.

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