I Forgot Christmas!

I dreamed last night that I forgot Christmas. Somehow, without explanation, I forgot the most celebrated holiday of the year, and didn’t figure it out until Christmas Eve!

My solution? To convince the children that it would be a new tradition for us to celebrate by decorating on Christmas Day. Then, even worse, to open IOU’s for $100 each and go shopping the day after Christmas, when everything is on sale.

Who was I kidding? How could I completely forget such a huge celebration and then try to assuage the guilt with less-than-kosher offerings?


That’s the key to our lackluster school year. Somehow I forgot all about it. I forgot to write out our plans and forgot to get our supplies ready. While the rest of the country was singing the praises of back-to-school day, I was lost in some after-a-whirlwind-summer recovery process.

We’re going to start over. We’re going to use this week to finish up our summer and pretend we didn’t miss the whole beginning-of-the-school-year bungle. We’ll shop for new tenners and crayons. I’ll finish up our plans for the rest of the semester, and we’ll plan some big shindig for the first day.

Whew! I’m so glad life allows do-overs.


2 responses to “I Forgot Christmas!

  1. and much learning happens over the summer time too. And as a homeschooler you have the freedom to stepback and breath an begin again. WE can even take a break now and then, it all works out in the end:-)

    We had a hectic summer to, and honestly I am a bit glad its over. 🙂 It is nice to get back to a routine in the classroom, and settle in together.

  2. I forget too why teachers at school try to make the beginning special. =) It’s good for me to remember. =)

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