Rockin’ School

We’re in the midst of our KONOS Rock Study. After we learned what makes a rock Igneous, Sedimentary, or Metamorphic

sediment cup

(children watching sediments settle)

we took off to collect some slate at a friend’s house. 

choosing rocks

Slate is a metamorphic rock made from shale. Apparently some of the highest quality slate in the world is found in nearby Delta, Pennsylvania.

slate snaggletooth

Not only did our friend give us slate, but she gave us a box of gems, geodes and other minerals from Utah.

iding rocks

We had a few other rocks some friends gave us last year, including these rose quartzes.

rose quartz breanna

(left: unpolished; right: polished)

We spent the better part of the morning identifying and learning about our specimens.

boys identifying geode

We’re still working on this one we collected from Topsail Island, NC a few years ago on vacation. Far as we can tell, it might be a barnacle fossil. Anyone willing to venture another guess?

barnacle fossil


3 responses to “Rockin’ School

  1. You guys ROCK!!! and your teach is rock solid also. The world will crumble at your feet with god and knowledeg on your side.

    Love you all.

  2. Cute new blog header!!

  3. ahhh we have a special love for rocks around here. My kids can spend ages sorting through a box of rocks. My dad was a huge fossil collector and has passed the rocks and love down to the next generations

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