Sight and Sound: In the Beginning

We drove up to Sight and Sound theater in Lancaster, Pennsylvania to see the production, In the Beginning. A former director in an earthy theater program, I’m certainly not one for kitsch. I like reality, not glitz in my shows. But something about the splendor of God revealed in this show made me long for the day when reality is glitz and shiny. Heaven has pearly gates and streets of gold. Glorious!

The Sight and Sound theater is grand in itself.

grand turrets

The children love the fountain out front. I think it reminds them of Aslan from C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia. I have to admit I’m a little partial to lions now, too.

lion and lamb

We’re very excited for the next show,

four in front of joseph

about Joseph!


We had fun at dinner afterward making silly faces and be-bopping to 70’s music while our children groaned and glanced over their shoulders to see if anyone was watching us. Aren’t they too young for that?

mom and dad

They’re in for it now!


2 responses to “Sight and Sound: In the Beginning

  1. love sight and sound we go each year with our church and it is always a wonderful show.

  2. love your last picture! what a hoot :O)

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