Tappy Shoes Dance Class

The girls were itching to take dance lessons, but we just didn’t have the extra money to send them in this season of our financial life. They took the news hard. They were very disappointed. It killed me to have to say no to their passions.

But, very much by mistake, we stumbled upon a local rec program with great instructors for a fraction of the price.

We didn’t even have to spend money on dance duds. Brooke can wear sweats and her hip-hop tenners from last year,


and a friend from high school even gave me a pair of shoes for Breanna–for free!


Now my little princesses are thrilled to be dancing.



And I’m happy to be able to nurture their passions and talents.

God is faithful to not only meet our needs, but to grant even our hearts’ desires…like new friends!



4 responses to “Tappy Shoes Dance Class

  1. thats great we dance in a rec program too and it is not too expensive . And our teacher is great the recital at the end is so well done, they look great.

    I have been thinking of going to one of the Nutcracker auditons since in most everyone gets a part, but we will see. We are not on a super busy schedule this season and i am so liking not running all the tiem.

  2. Hey Deb – which Rec is Brooke taking dance at? We are soooo done with MCPA – any suggestions?

  3. Heather, We’re at Emmorton Rec. The 3-4yo tap class is at 7:30 on Tuesday evenings. There are only 4 girls in it. I’m sure there’s room for Emily 🙂 It’s $80/year plus costume fee of $40ish. Deb p.s. Brea’s having her bday party on 11/8 and would love for Emily to come! I’m buying/sending invites today-ish.

  4. Where do they meet at?

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