Franklin Institute in Philly

We spent most of our Saturday in Philly in the Franklin Institute.

franklin statue

We took our time, seeing most every exhibit, having fun touching everything. (And praying we didn’t pick up some virus or the Swine flu!)

We tested the brakes

steam engine

before we rode on the real steam engine.

steam engine 2

We spent plenty of time in the Heart wing.

Here we are making our way through the walk-through heart.

inside the heart

Chuck found out he has

chuck's blood

of blood in his body. Interesting.

Brooke has always wanted to be a doctor. She decided to practice a little open heart surgery in preparation  for her future career.

open heart surgery

Where else will you get to sit on a bone bench?

bone bench

Or crawl through a blood vessel?

inside blood vessels

We made sure to get plenty of exercise to keep our hearts beating strong.


In the space wing we made and tested moon rovers


and watched a really cool movie in the plantarium all about the sun. Perfect preparation for our upcoming solar system study.

We had a BOO-last at the Liquid Scare show. Here the children are all molecules in a solid, packed tight together, being quite still.

liquid scare show

I forgot to take photos of our faces at age 70, as seen through an age progression machine. That’s probably better left unphotographed, anyway 🙂

I do highly recommend the Institute for lots of science fun.





One response to “Franklin Institute in Philly

  1. I thought it might be a church. What beautiful places and spaces! It reminds me of an Abbey that we visited recently.

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