The Castle in Philly

If I lived in the Castle, I’d start my day with my Bible and a cup of hot tea in this little cubby.

1 castle sunroom

Then I’d join the children for breakfast at our own special table,

1 dining room

where we could look through this arch

1 archway

into the ballroom and the fire started on chilly mornings.

1 sofa by fireplace

After schooling, I’d grab a novel and a mug of hot cider and read on this porch


while they traversed the land,

1 steps to the cabin

discovering all sorts of special spaces made just for curious children.

1 cabin in the woods

Maybe I’d grab my journal and settle into this seat, 

1 benches

and look up into this.

1 leaves in sky

Maybe I’d invite a friend for tea and chatting here,

1 benches 2

and we’d spend our quiet time taking in this view.

1 wall and foliage

On rainy days, I’d encourage the children to explore the wood-lined room under the stairs

1 staircase

while I ran my hands over the smooth wood of the parlor.

1 castle parlor

If I lived in the Castle, life would be magical for us all.


3 responses to “The Castle in Philly

  1. every little bit of this sounds amazing! this place you are at is beautiful

  2. pretty awesome! wouldn’t that be amazing?

  3. What a beautiful, creative post! I loved the pictures you shared of your visit to such an exquisite place. Looks like it was a fun trip for your family.

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