Weekend in Philly

I made a new friend at the Greater Philadlephia Christian Writers Conference this summer.

deb and jacque

She and her husband are missionaries with CLC Publications just outside Philly. She invited me to visit with my family, and I couldn’t resist the offer.

We started our visit with a tour of the U.S. Mint–no photos allowed there. We learned all about how coins are made and actually watched the process happening live. How cool!

Friday night we toured the CLC publishing house. What fun to physically see the Editors’ offices and the old print room–and everything in-between. I asked to see the infamous “slush pile,” but these days it’s more of an electronic thing.

touring publshing house

We spent Saturday in downtown Philly strolling the same cobblestones great men in history walked.

chuck and deb downtown

kids in downtown

The  line was very long to see the Liberty Bell, so we took our photo with the display at the Visitor’s Center instead, opting to come back on a weekday to see the actual bell.

with liberty bell sign

We spent the majority of the day in the Franklin Institute science museum. (I’ll add another post with those photos soon.)

franklin statue

Sunday we worshiped with our friends and toured the Castle. The castle was my favorite place in Philly.

1 castle

We had a fantastic time with new friends, in a new place. I hope we can get back there again next autumn.


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