What’s For Dinner?

I struggle with dinner. I don’t mind breakfast, which is typically cold cereal, or lunch, which is often some type of sandwich. I suppose I don’t mind those much because my children make their own. But I just can’t seem to muster up excitement about the meal that’s supposed to bring us closer together as a family. I  just can’t stomach preparing the meal that will burn itself into our memories for eternity. The meal that comes at the end of a full day of home schooling, cleaning, errand-running, dog-managing, and trying to find some little piece of quiet for something that brings me peace and joy.

Ugh. Dinner.

A meat and a veggie. Maybe a bread. Sometimes a side salad. And a glass of Country Time Lemonade. Nothing spectacular, but a necessity.

Needing a little inspiration, recenlty I borrowed a dozen cookbooks from the library and found two I really liked. I ordered them on Amazon and they arrived today.

I’ve already chosen next week’s meals! (I sure hope this kind of enthusiasm sticks.) I chose recipes that looked interesting and included meats I have in my freezer.

  • Fri: Pizza Night
  • Sat: North Woods Wild Rice Soup
  • Sun: Leftovers
  • Mon: Cranberry Chicken
  • Tue: French Steak
  • Wed: Honey Pork Chops
  • Thu: Penne with Chicken, Broccoli and Cheese

If you know me in real life, hold me accountable. Ask me how my kids liked the soup or the chicken. Make me tell you the details of putting together the meal. Don’t let me snow you.

If you know me from blogland or facebook, comment on here to let me know you’re waiting for an update. Maybe a little peer pressure will help.

For pete’s sake, something has to help…my kids can’t eat many more dinners of homemade waffles or scrambled eggs. And I can’t stand anymore pizza! (Well, except for Friday Pizza Night.)


3 responses to “What’s For Dinner?

  1. My step-mother-in-law gave me both of the “Don’t panic” books (her daughter knows the authors) anyway- we have liked the all the recipes we have tired from them! Good luck!

  2. those fix it an Forget it books are great I have several and have used them alot. I love doing dinner, – call me crazy- I have a collection of over 200 cookbooks and now the girls are diving into them finding stuff to try. But the meals we like the best are usually the simpel ones. We do homemade pancakes and sausage now and them we just did that last night – they are oatmeal pancakes btw- so good ona chillynight.Mexican is fun and easy to, tacos, burritos, a plate of nachos so yummy and very good. Stirfry veggies and rice with sesame oil is yummy too.

    Have fun cooking . the soup and cranberry chicken sounds yummy.love to have those recipes.

  3. You’re preaching to the choir — I’m SO with you about dinner. I have the “Dinner’s in the freezer” cookbook but haven’t looked at it in a LONG time! I did just buy Pioneer WOman’s cookbook and both recipes I’ve tried are total winners (but NOT totally healthy!). If you find a secret to getting a great dinner on the table every night, let me know!

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