What’s Your Perfect Day?

Today was a perfect day.

I danced and laughed in the kitchen with each of my children during hymn time.

I helped Brooke and Brad to learn hard new math concepts–without losing my temper.

I caught up with a friend at the park while our children squealed and collected sand in their shoes.

I watched my children ooh and aah over the paintings they recognized in the Linnea in Monet’s Garden dvd.

I made honey pork chops and mashed potatoes for dinner–and my family liked them!

I played and sang Christmas songs with my children, who have beautiful voices.

I gave my husband an extra kiss and hug for taking the girls to dance class, and enjoyed it more than I thought I would.

I read an entire novel, The Christmas List, and cried at the end even though I knew what was coming.

I cannot imagine a day more filled with love and peace. Thank You, Lord, for your mighty love. For showing my heart the things that bring true, lasting joy.

So, your turn. What’s your Perfect Day?


4 responses to “What’s Your Perfect Day?

  1. Hey, it looks like you’re sticking with your cooking plan. Good for you! Keep it up. Any appreciative comments from the family?

  2. Honey pork chops sound great!

  3. They actually like the food more than I do! I’m feeling a bit like my mother, but am trying really hard to make good memories 🙂

  4. What a wonderful day! =)

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