Brian’s Birthday

My little guy hit the jackpot on his birthday.

We stumbled upon cake and punch when we stopped into the library.

We nearly had a private showing of Astro Boy at the local movie theater.

We even let him put his feet up to get comfy. (BIG treat.)

When we arrived at Friendly’s, our favorite entertainer (Applejohn) was there making snowman balloons, and Friendly’s had just rolled out their winter Snowman Sundae.

To top it all off, the new movie he’d been waiting for, The Dog Who Saved Christmas, was on television. We couldn’t have planned the day more perfectly if we’d tried.

Happy 6th Birthday, Brian!!

2 responses to “Brian’s Birthday

  1. happy birthday, brian 🙂 i love me some Friendly’s ice cream – wish i’d known you were going!

  2. what a fun day, the dog who saved christmas was a cut emovie we have watched twice now.

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