Advent Activities

When we find something we like, we want to repeat it year after year. The only problem with that is we get too full and I either end up feeling guilty about not following through, or cranky trying to fit everything in. This year I narrowed our Advent celebrations:

Lighting our Advent candles (in my childhood wreath) as we read Jotham’s Journey, and sending the kids to bed holding lit candles. The story is intense, and is pretty scary at points. We’re using mini-jar candles because they’re too young to handle lit tapers.)

Reading about a Christmas hymn each day using O Come Let Us Adore Him.

Stickering scenes in our copy of The Very First Christmas.

Circling and underlining key words in our copy of Eleanor Zweigle’s Advent inductive study for families.

Listening to Brooke read devotions from Virginia Colclasure’s Christmas is Coming advent activity book and creating all sorts of crafts as she suggests.

Hoping to get around to reading and coloring in our copy of The Glorious Coming, A Jesse Tree Celebration of Advent by Anne Voskamp.

If you’re wondering how we fit it all in, Christmas is our primary focus for the month of December. These devotions replace our typical Bible curriculum, and in true unit study style, we cover math, science, history, reading, etc. through our Christmas preparation. I would not recommend trying to accomplish all these things on top of a regular, rigorous school schedule. If you don’t feel free to school in this way, you could always choose one of the above studies.

Happy Advent!

2 responses to “Advent Activities

  1. What a great idea to send the kids to bed with small jar candles. I love seeing their crafts too! 🙂

  2. Advent is my absolute FAVORITE time of year! Huddled together for family devotions, candles, Scripture, prayer – it’s the BEST! I’ve been wanting one of those “hymn” books — not just Christmas — but it looks GREAT!

    Enjoy your traditions and Savior!

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