Book Review: The Mystery of the Cross by Judith Couchman

Books don’t live long at my house. I buy them, read them, and pass them on.  But Judith Couchman’s  The Woman Behind the Mirror has graced my bookshelf for over ten years; I’ve recommended it to dozens of women struggling with self-image. Judith is a master of  explaining complicated ideas with clarity and grace.

I was thrilled when Judith offered a free signed copy of her newest book, The Mystery of the Cross: Bringing Ancient Christian Images to Life (available from Intervarsity Press, Amazon, other online, and local booksellers).

Home schoolers are going to love this book; it covers Bible, Art, and History in one fell-swoop. Couchman keeps the chapters under five pages for the most part (great for daily readings), and includes many beautiful illustrations and photos of famous works of art. She weaves Scripture, stories, artwork and scholarly insight into a readable pocket guide to the history of the symbol of the cross.

Christians, art lovers, and just plain curious folks will be surprised to learn the symbol of the cross was popular before Christ and has been found in unlikely places, such as Pompeiian remains from the explosion of Mt. Vesuvius.

This could be the unique Christmas gift you’ve been looking for!


One response to “Book Review: The Mystery of the Cross by Judith Couchman

  1. Thanks for the review. We’ll check it out.

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