It’s Funny…

though more is going on with and inside me than ever, I have no words to explain it. I want to tell you all about how we never found our groove in schooling last fall and how frustrating it was. How I learned that being still and knowing that He is God isn’t always peace and platitude. I’d love to fill you in on our activity fast for December, and how it did wonders for our household attitude. I’d even like to tell you all about our Christmas and our New Year–like when we really realized Chuck’s sister’s brain cancer is taking over. But I don’ t have words right now. Which is odd–almost troubling–for a writer. If I didn’t believe God had a purpose in this silence, I’d be worried. I’m not. Perplexed, wondering why I’m not able to share these lessons articulately, but not fretting. For that I’m thankful. The words will come. Eventually. In His timing.


5 responses to “It’s Funny…

  1. praying for you and your precious family

  2. Kindred spirit, kindred season.

  3. His peace envelops those who seek it.

  4. and when those words come i am ready to read them….glad that you have peace.

  5. Sometimes I’ve found that when words don’t come it’s because I’m only supposed to be talking with God right then. Even when it seems He is silent back. But, your words to describe your wordlessness were beautiful.

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