KONOS for the New Year

After 18 years of following Christ and learning to hear His voice, I still get my messages jumbled sometimes. I kept hearing Words from the Lord about waiting and biding my time when I prayed about our upcoming school semester. I imagined explaining to my evaluator that I’d been waiting…and waiting…and waiting…and hadn’t received any direction yet. I didn’t think that would go over too well.

Then it hit me–amongst the half-dozen possible units rolling around in my mind were Time and Patience. I got it! He’s not telling us to wait. He’s telling us to learn about waiting–patiently!

So, finally, we have plans for these coming months. We’ll take a few weeks to dig into Time, take a quick break to research (and watch) the Olympics, and move on to our Patience unit, which includes Grain/Bread/Yeast (yum!), Human and Animal Birth and Growth. Sounds fascinating! After Easter, we’ll segue into Ecology and Conservation, and Gardening. I’m getting excited already!

5 responses to “KONOS for the New Year

  1. At first I thought you were talking about kairos — which is a much more meaningful reference to time than the “chronos” we’re mostly familiar with. And, maybe, without even knowing it, you were!

  2. Very interesting, Tami! KONOS is our curriculum title. But now I have to look into kairos for our studies.

  3. when you do the grain, let me know if you’d like a little fresh ground flour for cooking with =)

  4. How’s school going? We are in the midst of Kings and Queens, but moving on to Eyes next week. I noticed you’re also doing human growth and development… we are too in the spring! I love Konos!
    Blessings, Linda

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