Launching an Online Mother-Daughter Discipleship Group

Our local Sonflower Sisters  groups (see above: Mothers and Daughters) reached capacity, so we started a waiting list for September. I don’t want these excited moms to miss out on the opportunity to participate in our new theme, Hearts Drawn Close, so I plan to post the weekly teachings and activities online at the Sonflower Sisters web site.

Then it hit me. Why not host an online Sonflower Sisters group?! I’ve sent out copies of our curriculum to at least a hundred readers already, so why not offer this semester’s teachings and activities online?  Oh, the possibilities! Not for fame or fortune for me, but for the opportunity to walk together this journey with mothers from around the country–maybe even the world!

Here’s where you come in, readers. Won’t you join me in the journey? If  you are a Christian mother of an elementary-aged girl, I invite you to participate in the online version of Sonflower Sisters. It’s my first crack at blogging this kind of thing, but I’m not afraid to step out. Sonflower Sisters is about mothers loving and living for Christ and inviting their daughters to join them on the journey, not technical details.

All you need to do is head over to the Sonflower Sisters blog and sign up for an email or reader subscription, or join the facebook fan page. Each week, January 24 through June 6, I will post a devotion and suggestions for discipling your daughter, including journal, activity and craft suggestions. Throughout the week, I’ll host opportunities for you to share what you’re learning and experiencing with the rest of the Sisters.

Won’t you consider sharing this on your blog, tweeting or facebooking about it? Even if you don’t have an elementary-aged daughter yourself. You might have a reader who is thirsty for this fellowship, and your post could literally be the answer to her prayers.

I’m excited to begin this journey with you!


One response to “Launching an Online Mother-Daughter Discipleship Group

  1. Hey! I finally got a chance to plug you! 🙂 Now just waiting for the boy version — LOL.

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