I’m Around…

I’ve just been up to my eyeballs in Legos.

Last August I told  my five year old (above) that because it was his first year of school, he had the privelege of choosing his extracurricular first. I spent ten whole minutes running through all his various options: swimming, soccer, football, karate, etc. When I was finished, he looked blankly at me and said simply, “Kindergarten?!”

After explaining to him that I would home school him and not send him away, I ran down the list of options again: fencing, lacrosse, dance, etc. He responded  matter-of-factly, “Lego Club.”

Lego Club? I hadn’t the faintest idea what Lego Club was. I hadn’t even mentioned it as an option. Still, it was his choice. I set out to find a Lego Club. I ended up coordinating one through our home school co-op. We formed and registered three official Jr First Lego League teams with US First.

From September through January at our monthly meetings we asked the boys to bring a creation from home to share (in order to practice public speaking skills), and we’d pursue the official Lego theme, Smart Move. In January we prepared a special project and presentation for a statewide competition. That’s where we were this past Saturday. Our team won the Go the Distance trophy!

That’s probably more than you wanted to know about what I’ve been up to lately. I’m glad the season’s over and I have a little more time to catch up around the house (and blogging). I’m pretty sure we’ll pick back up in September–it was a great experience for my boys!

3 responses to “I’m Around…

  1. Does it have an escape pod? 😉

  2. TeeHee! I found out our mining machine for the competition had an escape pod. Who’d have thunk? Lol.

  3. what a cool activity! and your team did awesome great! i know your son was so excited and proud. what a great mom you are!

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