A Few Winter Recipes

Winter is for cooking. (And gaining weight, but let’s stay positive.)

I’ll share a few good recipes I found and tested recently. 

Creamy Mushroom and Chicken Soup

Image courtesy FamilyFun.go.com

Family Fun Magazine recently revealed this recipe for amazing, filling soup that’s fit for a cold winter afternoon. It is hearty, tasty, and a must-make-again. (I wish I’d thought to get the ingredients before this snow storm.)


I made some Popovers to go with it. They were fun to watch rise, but didn’t have much taste (in fact, no taste). Next time I’m going to have to add some shredded cheese or garlic or sea salt after they rise.

Mrs. H’s Cream-Filled Coffee Cake

(via Kelli)

Look at that topping!

I was a little worried–I’d never used shortening before, and I didn’t know how it would taste. My kids and my husband loved it; it’s a hard thing to please them all at once! I have to admit it was really tasty.

Yes, I have gained a few pounds this winter. But since it’s on these yummies and not chips and dip, I’m okay with it. Good memories.

One response to “A Few Winter Recipes

  1. Hi Deb,

    Really going to have to try the soup soon. Looks yummy!

    I make popovers–we fill them with butter and jelly. But cheese sounds good too!



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