Book Review: Thin Places by Mary DeMuth

“The Celts define a thin place as a place where heaven and the physical world collide, one of those serendipitous territories where eternity and the mundane meet…where we see a holy glimpse of the eternal…” (p. 11)
Thin Places by Mary DeMuth

I’ve loved author Mary DeMuth since I found her book, Building the Christian Family You Never Had tucked away on a bottom shelf of a retreat center. I read it in no time and emailed to let her know how much good she did me, being honest and telling her story. She was gracious and appreciative of my response to her writing. I realized she wasn’t some faceless expert out there, she is a real person!

  I’m afraid folks won’t love me if they see my shortcomings. It’s a strange dichotomy. I fancy myself authentic, unafraid to share my warts; but if I directly disappoint someone, I want to crawl into a hole. (p.76)
She’s gone and done it again–told her story. Only now she’s told so much more it’s a wonder she doesn’t feel stark naked. I worried through the first few chapters, wondering if her story was maybe more than I could bear. But as I moved through and realized her focus was on the places a perfect God met her in this imperfect world, I relaxed. Her intent wasn’t to saddle me with the baggage of her past, but to show me how God gently pries her suitcases from her hands.
The recollection can either be a thin place or a shame place. I take a breath. Breathe in and then out. I breathe in God’s grace for me; I exhale the shame. I cling to Jesus and let go of my control. (p. 138)
I was amazed at how similar her story was to mine. Eerily amazed. One of those, we-could-be-twins-separated-by-birth stories. At points she sucked words and emotion right from my mind and heart. But reading my own story written by someone else was difficult. At times I wanted to take her into my arms and cry with her; other times I wanted to grab her and shout that there is so much more freedom waiting for her. That’s when I realized why God allowed me to read her story–to find His hope there.  To see how though it is the same Jesus who redeems and remakes us, He speaks to each of our hearts differently. He knows each of our secret languages.
“So yeah, I’m a raggedy mess. But God loves the socks off me anyway. I’m a cracked pot, a vessel God shines His loveliness through. Thank goodness for the cracks; otherwise how would God’s glory shine out?” (p.99)
If you’re looking for a story that offers humility, raw honesty, and unbridled hope, pick up Mary DeMuth’s new memoir, Thin Places, published by Zondervan. You will laugh and cry, shake your head and nod in agreement; you will see yourself and see someone you’ve never known but want to know. God will speak His truth to you clearly through Thin Places, if you let Him.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from Zondervan for the purpose of review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

2 responses to “Book Review: Thin Places by Mary DeMuth

  1. Sounds fabulous. I’ve been needing a good book that’s totally unrelated to homeschooling. 😉

  2. Yes, your inclination is right. I do feel naked. I try not to think about it! 🙂 Thanks for such a beautiful review.

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