Sabbath Sweetness: Spring Will Come

Every year since Jesus formed the earth, spring has come just as planned. We need never fear, never wonder. He is faithful to turn the gears of time in the same rhythm, this God of order. Relax and anticipate the individual surprises that usher in the season–the first snow crocus, the return of the first goose, the buds on new trees. Revel in His gifts.

One response to “Sabbath Sweetness: Spring Will Come

  1. good morning! i thought of your boys when i posted last night and this morning on my blog. the Wings of Dreams/Wings of Freedom Tour came to where i live. they are a collection of WWII airplanes, jeeps, motorcycles, that kind of thing – i posted a ton of pictures. it was an awesome time. i can still hear the planes flying over my house – lol! anyway, i thought your boys might like the pictures 🙂 alice

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