Breadmaking with Children

I’m not a homesteader. I don’t make my own clothes or my own bread. I’m a typical suburban home school mom who enjoys living ten minutes from Target and Starbucks. So when our Patience KONOS unit presented a bread-making unit, I was intrigued.

I asked for tips on facebook, and my local home school friend Christie invited us to make bread with her family. She had everything laid out and labeled. (A true teacher.)

She walked us through her weekly ritual of making four loaves of fresh bread.

She allowed the children to watch the wheat berries being ground into flour

and the dough kneading in the machine.

Much to my surprise, the whole process took less than one hour!

She generously sent us home with two full loaves of bread. Only one of them made it home . The other disappeared into little bellies in the car ride home.

* * * * *

We’ve been trying all sorts of bread recipes since Christie showed us how to bake bread, but we don’t seem to have the knack of it. Our loaves turn out hard, dense, and pretty yucky. Brad says they’re stinky!

When I complain, a friend reminds me we are in the midst of the Patience unit. True. I was hoping for a short-term kind of patience–the kind I can anticipate and plan for. I suppose that’s not really patience, though. Patience seems to have to do more with weathering the unexpected. Seems I learn as much or more during our units as the children.

Today we finally found a recipe that actually rose and tasted good. It’s a non-knead, batter bread. It’s easy enough for the kids to make by themselves and tastes particularly yummy with Ikea’s Lingonberry Jam. I don’t have a photo because we ate it so quickly! Now you know that’s GOOD.

One response to “Breadmaking with Children

  1. Thanks for the breadmaking post. I’m about to start this unit and am just searching around for ideas….I made a single loaf on Friday that took the entire day — so glad to hear it can take an hour for 4 loaves 🙂 I’m going to a “class” on Wednesday to learn about it myself 🙂

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