Behind the Scenes at the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra

Thanks to Molly for the following photos.

We toured our local symphony hall,  The Meyerhoff. Come to find out, this massive building has no post supports so that no one’s view is obscured.

The ceiling is made up of one huge slab of concrete set on strong walls. Really, two ceilings–a hollow concrete oval and a solid concrete oval spaced a little ways apart to provide a sound barrier. The whole facility is like a buildling within a building to keep outside noises outside. 

I’m thinking the next house we build should have a room within a room–just for me–where there’s no noise. Ahhh…

Did you know the musicians have a library of music to choose from? And that Disney won’t sell its music, but requires you to rent it? They’re so business savvy.

The children performed a beautiful rendition of Twinkle Twinkle onstage. (You know I got a little singing in, too…who could resist?)

I loved learning that big percussion instruments come up through an elevator in the floor backstage and a piano comes up the same way just under the conductor’s podium.

What fun to read all the stickers on the traveling instrument cases. This guy or gal sure has a sense of humorunless Precision Tune is a country I haven’t heard of.

Look at who recently guest-conducted the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. Brilliance!

This irresistible blue crab sits in the second floor lobby. I dare say it (and the mirrored ceilings in the elevator) will be what the children remember most clearly.

Note: You can arrange a fee-free tour through the Education Office at the BSO.

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