Poetry In Our Home School

A few years back I picked up a few books from the “A Child’s Introduction to…” series. This month we’ve been working through A Child’s Introduction to Poetry just after Bible and Breakfast on school mornings.

Each chapter introduces a style of poetry and gives examples. Sometimes we listen to them on the included audio cd, sometimes we read them aloud. You can’t just read poetry-with your eyes-you must hear it!

Then, you must write it. This is the children’s favorite part. They keep journals with their poetry and illustrations. These photos are from our Alphabet Poetry chapter.

Last week when we were running short on time, the children begged, “Please, Mom, please please please do poetry with us today!” They wanted poetry more than “free time.” What a testimony to the learning spirit inherent in children.

At the same time we also purchased Story of the Orchestra (which will be perfect to follow up our tour and performance at the symphony last week) and A Child’s Introduction to the Night Sky, both of which we absolutely love. Sometimes impulse purchases are good.

2 responses to “Poetry In Our Home School

  1. We have those books too and love them! We memorized Jaberwocky – always a favorite.

  2. Mom I LOVE Writing Poems!

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