We’ve always used Handwriting Without Tears for printing. But for cursive, my oldest daughter decided HWT wasn’t “fancy” enough. She just loved the pretty script of other styles. So we tried no less than three workbooks in other styles; we abandoned them all. They were just too difficult.

Finally, we decided to take up the Handwriting Without Tears cursive program. My daughter learned in less than two weeks and LOVES it! I have to say it’s pretty cute–now I’m hard-pressed to find her anywhere except at the dry-erase board writing in cursive. Gotta love when learning makes them this happy!

I love you, too, sweet girl!

4 responses to “Cursive…Finally!

  1. V. Colclasure

    Look at those beautiful “r’s” My teacher made me write page after page of them, and I still don’t get them right. Yay, Breanna. Good job.

  2. Thanks Mom!
    I love Hand Writing Without Tears!!
    love you,

  3. That’s awesome! =) Great job Brooke!

  4. Hey Brooke, it’s Noah (from Beachmont), just wanted to let you know about my blog, like I said I would earlier. You can find it at:

    Nice cusive.


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