Our Garden

My favorite part of gardening is my journal.

Well, and the fresh veggies. But that’s so obvious.

I started a journal last year, and it’s been such a joy to record our progress in it. Something about putting things down in black ink makes it worthy of sharing. I think this year I’ll print out photos and tuck them in randomly. Like this one of my precious six year old watering our cucumbers and squash.

I seriously would love to continue this gardening journal for the rest of my life. Call me weird. But God has taken me from despising dirt to longing to dig my fingers into its warmth and grittiness.

In fact, I like mygardening journal so much, I’m up after midnight taking photos of it and telling you about it.

Sorry I can’t make you a salad with my veggies instead. This is the best I can do long-distance. Bon Appetit.

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