We Found It…Amusing!

Our family recently moved into full-fledged amusement park status.

Sure, we loved Dutch Wonderland and Sesame Place when our oldest were very young. But come on, how much is there for them there now? So the younger ones got a crash-course in big-time amusement park rides. And they’ll never go back!

Recently we spent a day (an entire, get our money’s worth, hot, sweaty day) at Hershey Park. WOW! (I know, of all the words I could have chosen, “Wow?”)

Holy moly! Craziness! Can you believe we went on these insane contraptions?

We did manage to squeeze in a semi-slow ride on the ferris wheel. But to tell you the truth, it was pretty anti-climactic after the Mouse.

We’re already looking forward to next year.

One response to “We Found It…Amusing!

  1. this looks like an awesome, fun day!

    i may be coming back to maryland in a couple months. if i do – i’m going to let you know ahead of time so maybe we can have lunch together – or something 🙂 that would be fun!

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