The New Old Rules

Today we planned to “kick off” our school year (though we schooled at half-workload all summer). I had goodies to surprise them and was even going to make a bowl of punch to celebrate. Things did not go as planned, to put it mildly. Seems some of the “whineys” and “talk-backeys” made their way into our school room. Then the “noseys” and “bosseys” made it through the crack in the door. Then I, “hard core forever home school mom,” literally veered our van from its course to the movie theater (a pre-planned field trip they surely didn’t deserve) and pulled into the lot of the local public elementary school, asking (quite loudly, I might add): “Who’d like to meet their new teacher first?!” And…I was serious.

I’m wondering if I should have taken a break this summer so that our fall seemed new and exciting. Then again, last year I vowed I’d never take a complete summer off again because it was chaos. Maybe I should have had some kind of meeting prior to school to lay out expectations. But seriously, what changed this morning? I had no new expectations–just ones I’d been drilling into them since birth. Things like, don’t ask me to get you a cereal bowl if you can open the dishwasher with your perfectly healthy hand; don’t doodle in your math book while we’re doing Bible class; don’t steal your sister”s really cool pencil while she’s not looking. I’m sure you can imagine more.

So was it a terrible day? I don’t know. I missed seeing all my friends at Toy Story 3. I finally acquiesced that public school isn’t the devil’s handiwork. I spent an hour writing out things I shouldn’t have had to write down.

On the other hand…

My children whipped themselves into shape quidkly and are really excited to start our new KONOS unit next week.

We outlined all types of expectations and are all on the same page.

We enjoyed a quiet dinner out together.

Now they’re all safe and sound in bed and tomorrow wll be a new day.

It wasn’t what I’d hoped for, but we accomplished a lot for our family. It didn’t go the way I’d planned, but we ended up sowing and reaping rewards normalcy would never bring.

So, thank You, Lord, for this crazy day. Thank You that You were in the midst of all that happened, even when it seemed You were far away. Thank You, Holy Spirit, for speaking to us in the midst of our carnality. Bless You, Jesus, who reminded us that in this world we’ll have tribulation, but You have overcome the world. And all the nuisances that become burrs in our sandals as we walk through life.

4 responses to “The New Old Rules

  1. Did you read my post today? Seems your day has been like my last week. I even emailed my hubby today saying I was seriously considering sending one of our kids to public school for a little “wake up call”. In the end I decided to change things up a bit, give everyone a bit more individual attention and stop trying to do it all on my own lean on God for my strength.

    Oh, and I think I fixed my email problems- thanks for the heads up!

  2. You have no idea who I am, but I just wanted to say thank you for posting this. We started school several weeks ago and have had many days like you just described, only I’ve had a bad attitude about it all and haven’t remembered to be thankful. I was reading your post thinking, “Yep. Yes. That sounds like my house.” And then I read that last paragraph. I needed to read that, so thank you so much for writing it.

  3. Thanks for sharing this Deb! Your day went just about exactly like mine did!! I literally laughed out loud when you shared about pulling into the school parking lot!!! 🙂

    I love reading your perspective on your day. And that night swim – I love it! You are a brave girl!

  4. don’t feel bad. we’ve all been there – some of us more times than we’d care to admit. it’s all worth it, so unless you hear God telling you to change – don’t change and go back. keep pressing on.

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