Redeeming the Day

Remember what I wrote yesterday? I couldn’t share that without sharing what happened last night.

It was 9:00 and the kids were all snug in their beds when my husband came in to tell us about his “refreshing” night swim. Four little pairs of eyes lit up with excitement…they’d been asking to go night swimming all summer. And, don’t you know, we let them! Not only did we let them, but we got in with them!!

It was stinking freezing! I got right out and bundled up in my huge terry cloth spa robe. Imagine the warmth in that. But this little voice in me kept saying, “Get in. Enjoy this moment. Don’t be a recorder of the moment, but a participant. Sear this memory in your heart, not just  your mind. Love on those children! Restore your broken relationship with them.” I must have thrown off my robe and stood poised at the edge because I began to hear chanting, “Jump! In! Jump! In! Jump! In!” And next thing I knew, I was poking my head out of the frigid water, greeted by 5 very happy people. But I was happiest!

God is so faithful to restore the years the locusts have eaten. He is so wonderful to whisper truth in our spirits when we seek what we think brings us comfort. He knows! He knows what will restore our souls and our relationships. When we listen to His voice, we live from the heart, not from our own minds and plans. Thank You, God, for redeeming my day and giving me an ending that tops all others. You lavishly love me, and for that I am forever grateful!

2 responses to “Redeeming the Day

  1. I have stood in your position, more than one time. I have had your yesterday… on more occasions than I care to recount.
    I am always amazed at how God uses my children to help me get over myself. To remind me of His love, and when I have days where I question my sanity with homeschooling, even parenting…God shows me..lessons that I need to learn…ones I am trying to teach my children, He’s been trying to teach me.
    I applaud you for jumping in, for participating in a memory instead of its chronicler. Thank you for giving me permission to take the day off school and to jump into a memory making time with them! I pray that your school year, will be a time of blessing for all of you!

  2. sometimes you’ve just gotta jump in with both feet! literally! glad you went for it and had a great time!

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