It Was Just Too Clean!

The White House, that is. Recently we toured the rooms shown here. Because we weren’t permitted to take in cameras (or strollers or purses, for that matter), I couldn’t snap any photos. It was really very pretty, but too clean in my opinion. Sanitized, really. Don’t you think a few fingerprints from heads of state over the decades would add a little character? Maybe a few coins rummaged out of couch cushions. Something that tells the story of the famous, powerful world leaders and heroes who have graced the house.

After our tour, my hubby headed to the office and I took the children

to the Washington Monument for a tour.

WOW! It was awesome to ride up to the tippy top of this structure and peek out.

This is what we saw from one of the windows.

(See the Lincoln Memorial at top, the reflecting pool, and the circular WW2 Memorial in the foreground.

We even got a peek at the White House from way up there.

(Look just above the ellipsis. It looks like a street of trees coming out of the top of it. How’s that for elemental map-interpreting skills?)

As much of an honor it was to see the inside of the White House, we really had much more fun at the monument,

the carousel,

the Museum of Natural History’s Butterfly Room,

the sculpture garden fountains,

and the Air and Space Museum’s hands-on workshop. (That’s Brad in the space suit.)

We can hardly wait for our next trip to Washington, DC. We’re so grateful to live so near to this wonderful city.

2 responses to “It Was Just Too Clean!

  1. i think your map interpreting skills is pretty epic 🙂

  2. Beautiful pictures, Deb.

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