Could It Be?

Today I followed a whim and began our day (after Bible) with KONOS instead of with reading and math. Wow! I could almost feel the children’s spirits rising. We spent the better part of the morning learning all about shadows and reflections, reading poetry about the sun by Walt Whitman and Robert Louis Stevenson, and devising our own experiments with avacado shadows. Instead of trudging through our “work,” we enjoyed “learning.” Finally. Again.

I don’t write about it much, but our household has been in major transition for the past six months. My husband’s elderly aunt moved in with us and it’s taking a while to adjust. One of the side-effects has been a not-so-carefree mommy and home school mom. But something in today’s schooling reminded me of who I was created to be, of the wonderful plans God has for me within our family.

Because our desktop is in the shop (and I’m stealing a few minutes on my husband’s laptop), I don’t have photos to share. But if I did, you’d see plenty of smiles and twinkles in eyes!

Thank You, God, for showing me the joy you have made full in us. Thank You for giving us the freedom to school at home, together, in love.

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