Roller Disco Boogie

Years ago when I belonged to a tape club (remember those ancient pop culture things?), I got the album Roller Disco Boogie. We’d pop it into the player and jam out, old school style. (Yes, we looked ridiculous, but we were old enough not to care.)

My kids developed a fondness for the oldies, like “Working at the car wash…work and work…” So they were thrilled out of their heads when I told them we were going ROLLER SKATING! (For the first time ever.)

The old skating rink is just as dark as it was when I was my oldest daughter’s age. I think the booths might be the same ones my derrier graced on Saturday afternoons during Open Skate. And that lovely stinky-feet, sweaty palm smell only grew finer with time.

Now we can’t wait til next month’s date there. I might even put on a pair and lace them up tight, just for old time’s sake. I think this little daredevil just might triple dog dare me.

2 responses to “Roller Disco Boogie

  1. it was a fun day, can;t wait for next month.

  2. Our Sonflower Scout troop kicked off the year with a skating party. It used to be that I could just put the skates on fall a couple times and then skate fairly well. I put on skates and fell numerous times while trying to make one circuit. One of the girls’ dad helped me up a couple times, because my knees gave out and wouldn’t help me up. The skates came off and I didn’t even try a couple days later when the children’s department at our church had a skating party.

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