Learning IS Fun!

We use workbooks for language arts, writing, reading, spelling, and math. I’m not a workbook kind of girl, but they cover clearly and concisely what my children need to learn in these subjects. And let’s face it, how exciting is it really to teach prepositional phrases? But every once in a while get stuck in a workbook rut.

We were stuck in one of these said ruts so we packed up and headed to the zoo. Each child chose an animal to observe and study in anticipation of learning more about it in the coming week.

Brooke chose the zebra.

(Love those slippers!)

Brad chose the leopard.

(Love his use of color in his acrylic.)

Brian chose the elephant.

(I guess you could call that a self portrait.)

Breanna chose the chimpanzee.

Cute as those chimps can be, they don’t come close to the cuteness of this little one who changed into her dance recital costume to make her presentation sparkle.

I don’t mind ruts if this is what they inspire.

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