A Full Season of Fall Decor

Do you remember how I went kicking and screaming into Autumn in the past? Well, this year I decided I’d decorate early (on the first day of fall) in order to try to embrace the change. (Not to mention we had a really hard summer and I was itching for the relief I hoped fall winds would bring.)

I did a little. Of course, they look prettier in the evening, but I just didn’t get around to taking those shots. Just imagine.

I have to admit it did feel odd having out pine cones and pumpkins while it was still in the 90’s. And next year I will probably wait until the leaves outside start to change and the temperatures drop. But I’m proud of myself for stepping out and changing things up a bit. I know it’s small and silly, but it shows I’m not entirely set in my ways.

One response to “A Full Season of Fall Decor

  1. Looks lovely! I did the same thing this year, although it took me a couple more weeks — I was SO desperate for fall, even though it was still hot here, too! LOL.

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