Urging Them Toward Independence

I like a relaxed school. If we want to start at 8, we start at 8. If we want to wait til 1, we wait til 1. We’re always learning, so I’m not too worried about their brains turning to mush.

However, when my husband’s aunt moved in with us last spring, I thought the way to maintain order in our home would be to put us on a strict schedule. Let’s just say it’s sucked all the joy out of schooling for us, being stuck at a table for certain hours, completely tired of looking at the same things, too tired to pursue investigative learning by the time lunch rolls around.

So I’m trying a new tactic. I’m giving my children “What to Expect” sheets to guide them throughout the week. It doesn’t cover every aspect of our education or our family life, but it’s a checklist they can work down in (mostly) their own timing. Some things we’ll still do at certain times of the day–for instance, our days go infinitely better when we seek God together first thing. But other things they’ll have a little freedom with. I imagine it might be difficult, having been trained recently to respond only to my commands. I want them to get back to listening to their natural internal avid learners.

Here’s a bare bones sample of what I’m putting together. It will change, I know that. But I’m excited to see what comes of it.

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