Perfect Start to Advent

Our favorite theater, Sight and Sound, in Lancaster, PA offered FREE tickets for their current show, Miracle of Christmas!


A friend told us the tree inside was beautiful, but who knew it was this glorious?

The children saved their money to buy extra-soft, inexpensive, yummy-smelling (just like the candied almonds they sell in the lobby) stuffed animals.

I snuck this shot in of the show. I hope it was okay to do that–they just asked for no flash photography. Anyhoo, I want to show you who have never been what to expect. They put on fantastic three sided theater!

Of all the fun we had that day (lunch and dinner out, meeting up with friends, buying treasures, eating candied almonds, etc.), our favorite part was having Aunt Dot join us on our field trip.

Hoping your family enjoys the upcoming Advent Season, the season we await His arrival!

2 responses to “Perfect Start to Advent

  1. Great photos…….we took advantage of cyber monday too and are going to Miracle a little later. I can’t wait now.

  2. mom, i LOVED spending time with you that day! 🙂

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